NWR Weather Lightning Detection Regina, Saskatchwan, Canada

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Note: The data supplied by this site is not to be used for protection of life and property.

NWR Weather's lightning detector located in Regina, Saskatchewan provides coverage for southern Saskatchewan,  northeast Montana and northwest North Dakota. 

The lightning data can be viewed in several ways........

Mobile (StormStation5) New
(near real-time)
An HTML 5 interface designed especially for mobile devices. Google Maps background can be pinched to any size. Should work on all platforms. The data updates automatically every 5 seconds.
Static Strike Image
(25-1200 km Range)

A screenshot of current lightning data and updated every 1 minute during the summer months. On this image, calculated locations of thunderstorms can be seen. Based on classification criteria, a green, yellow or red diamond will appear where thunderstorm locations are predicted by the detector software.  The map will automatically adjust the range to provide the best view of the current activity.

NexStorm TRAC Report
(Thunderstorm Ranging and Acquisition)

Text-based details based on TRAC to showing details about individual storms that are displayed in the static image above.

Historical Data Provides a detailed look at past lightning frequency and trends.

For comparison,  you can also view near real-time lightning data other Saskatchewan detectors which include SaskLightning (located 250 km northwest in Saskatoon, Sk), Barker Farms (located 355 km northwest near Wilkie, Sk).

The Environment Canada web site also has delayed lightning data available for comparison purposes.

NWR Weather is also a member of the Microsferics US and Eurppean Networked Lightning Locator System which links Boltek single antenna detectors.

Lightning Maps.org also links single a different model of single antenna detectors around the world.

About the Detector
The lightning data is collected using a Boltek StormTracker single antenna detector.  Although the detector can record lightning strikes over 1000 km away, beyond 300 km, distance accuracy begins to fall off while direction remains very accurate.